What is a soft tissue impacted tooth?

Woman in Dental ChairA soft tissue impacted tooth means that the crown of the tooth has moved through the jawbone but it is stuck in the gums so it has not fully emerged in the mouth. A normal tooth that is impacted in soft tissue can be exposed with oral surgery but if the tooth is a wisdom tooth, it is best to have the entire tooth extracted. Wisdom teeth removal is important for preserving the health of the entire oral cavity as retaining wisdom teeth can lead to an array of oral health conditions and complications. Fortunately, removing wisdom teeth that are impacted in soft tissue is less invasive than removing a tooth that is still stuck in the jaw.

What health complications are associated with wisdom teeth retention?

Wisdom teeth come in during adulthood. Since the rest of one’s permanent teeth come in during adolescence, wisdom teeth’s late arrival means that the mouth can become crowded. When teeth are crowded, they are more prone to disease because oral hygiene is obstructed. A crowded situation in the mouth also means that teeth can become crooked and overlapped. Sometimes, the arrival of wisdom teeth can misplace teeth so badly that orthodontic treatment is required.

There is an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease with the eruption of wisdom teeth. This is because thoroughly brushing and flossing is difficult around the site of their impaction as well as among adjacent teeth and teeth that are crowded.

Lastly, another health complication associated with wisdom teeth is the likelihood of impacted teeth becoming so badly diseased that they abscess. A wisdom tooth abscess is a painful infection that can affect the entire oral health system.

When is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Wisdom teeth removal is necessary when the arrival or retention of these teeth threatens the vitality of oral health structures. Many times, the removal of wisdom teeth is recommended as they come in so that the many complications associated with keeping them can be avoided.

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