3 Reasons to Have Corrective Jaw Surgery

Man with Arms OpenCorrective jaw surgery is a procedure that is performed by an oral surgeon. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) is a specialist that is trained to reconstruct and correct hard and soft tissue in the oral cavity and the face. Our jaws are an integral part of the oral health system and abnormalities in the development of the jaws and/or their alignment can seriously impair oral function, affect our appearance, and contribute to conditions like TMJ disorder. Having jaw surgery can improve one’s quality of life and appearance.

Improve Oral Function With Corrective Jaw Surgery

Misaligned jaws can prevent smooth and efficient mouth movement and lead to difficulty eating and speaking, and discomfort. If the lower mandible protrudes too far outward, for instance, it will strain the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and the muscles that work with the TMJs to move the mouth from side to side and open to closed. Over time, a misaligned jaw will damage teeth or the TMJs. By having corrective jaw surgery that repositions the lower mandible, patients can enjoy comfortable and smooth oral function that prevents untimely tooth wear and strain on the TMJs.

Jaw Surgery Can Enhance Appearance

Sometimes, one jaw can develop abnormally. A person’s appearance can be affected depending on the severity of abnormal growth. For instance, a protruding lower jaw can greatly affect how the profile of the face looks. Having properly aligned jawbones will enhance one’s facial symmetry and their smile.

Jaw Surgery Treats TMJ Disorder Side Effects & Symptoms

Abnormal jaw development or misaligned jaws are a common contributor to TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is a debilitating oral health condition that is categorized by orofacial pain, headaches, diminished oral function, and tooth wear. When corrective jaw surgery aligns the jawbones properly, the TMJ can function properly so that mouth movement is smooth and comfortable.

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