Facial Trauma: Soft Tissue Injuries


Soccer PlayerFacial trauma is something we hope our patients never have to endure but unfortunately, accidents are unavoidable. When trauma strikes, it is important to seek out the expertise of an oral surgeon. Trauma to soft tissue requires a deep understanding of oral and facial anatomy as soft tissue contains nerve endings and blood vessels. Moreover, treating soft tissue injuries requires an understanding of how soft tissues like the gums and skin heal so that those receiving treatment have minimal scarring. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) must consider the aesthetic concerns a person might have along with the effect soft tissue trauma can have on oral function and general wellbeing.

Treatments for Soft Tissue Facial Injuries

There a few ways an OMS can approach treating trauma to soft tissue. Some patients may need well-placed sutures to ensure a speedy recovery while others might require treatments like tissue grafts to replace damaged gingiva. Treating facial trauma is normally reconstructive in nature. Since every situation is unique, a person receiving care for facial trauma will have a personalized treatment plan after a consultation with an oral surgeon.

Soft tissue is incredibly sensitive so very careful attention must be paid so that blood vessels and nerve endings are not disturbed. Our practice utilizes the latest diagnostic technology along and advanced surgical techniques to ensure the best outcome for our patients.

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon

An oral surgeon is a specialist. In addition to earning a standard DDS, an OMS then completes rigorous education programs and training to earn board certification. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons provide an array of treatments like dental implants placement, corrective jaw surgery, and tooth extractions. Treating hard and soft tissue injuries comprises a large part of an OMS’ practice. Without appropriate treatment, facial trauma can severely disrupt oral function as well as cause disfigurement.

When it comes to addressing facial trauma, our practice strives to offer effective and high-quality treatment that increases oral function and minimizes the appearance of scarring. Due to the sensitive nature of traumatic injuries, our team approaches each case with compassion and individualized attention.

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