Reasons to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal

Oral Surgeon Checking TeethSome people feel that it’s unnecessary to get dental care if they’re not having any pain, bleeding or other symptoms. However, preventive care is important in preserving oral health, so it’s important to stick to a routine of regular dental checkups to reduce your chances of developing oral diseases.

Wisdom teeth have the potential to be particularly problematic, and they can develop serious problems like infections and tumors because they often become impacted.

People whose wisdom teeth are asymptomatic may feel that there’s no need to have them removed. However because the wisdom teeth are so large and human jaws have grown smaller over time, there’s rarely enough room for the wisdom teeth to erupt properly.

When the wisdom teeth do become impacted, they can cause significant discomfort and collect harmful bacteria in a region of the mouth that’s difficult to keep clean to begin with. This can have negative effects on neighboring teeth, as well as gum and bone tissue in the area.

To reduce their chances of developing issues like this, many patients opt to have an oral surgeon remove their wisdom teeth even if the teeth are not problematic at the time.

Many patients prefer to have their wisdom teeth extracted before they turn 25 because the operation is simpler and the healing process shorter and less complicated. As patients get older, the roots of the wisdom teeth become longer and more entrenched in the jaw, and it is more difficult to remove them.

Additionally, some insurance policies may limit coverage for the procedure in patients older than 25, so this may also be a consideration in the timing of your wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom tooth extraction has almost become a rite of passage between adolescence and adulthood, and many patients decide to have their third molars removed as a preventive measure. As with any potential oral health issue, it is better to foster routine maintenance rather than waiting until an emergency dictates dental treatment.