Dental Implants: Is there an age limit?

Man with Sweater VestOver the years, receiving dental implants has increased in popularity because they are more accessible than they were in the past and because they are the most natural way to replacing lost teeth. Our oral surgeons offer dental implants because they provide a number of benefits to our patients including restored oral function and a natural looking smile.

Candidacy for Dental Implants

Dental implants are for adults who have healthy bone mass and healthy gums. Children and teenagers are not candidates for this procedure because their teeth and bones are still developing. If an adolescent or teenager has lost a permanent tooth, other means of tooth replacement will be offered.

Dental implants are not right for every patient. The best candidates for implants are adult patients with healthy bone mass, non-smokers, and those free of periodontal disease. Other factors such as jawbone density and the absence of oral conditions such as gum disease are also factors that play a role in whether or not a person is good candidate for dental implants. The best way to determine if dental implants will meet your needs is to schedule a tooth replacement consultation with our oral surgeon. After a thorough examination, our team will help you evaluate your options.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Not only do dental implants replace tooth structure above and below the gum line, they support the entire oral health system by preventing further tooth loss and bone atrophy. Unlike traditional prosthetics like dentures, dental implants are firmly locked in place by the jaw and therefore allow patients to eat any type of food comfortably. Depending on the materials used, implants can look incredibly natural and discreet as well.

The Process of Receiving Dental Implants

If our oral surgeon determines that you are a candidate for implants, the first step to receiving your replacement tooth will be the surgical implantation of the dental implant’s titanium post. Embedded into the jawbone, the post will act as a tooth’s root. After undergoing a post-operative healing period, where the bone will integrate with the titanium post, a crown will be attached to an abutment on the implant thus completing the tooth replacement process. The dental crown is custom made to exact measurements so that it supports nearby teeth and provides a restored biting surface.

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