3D Imaging Can Enhance Patient Care

TechnologyUntil recently, oral surgeons had to rely on two-dimensional images obtained through X-rays as a primary resource for planning patient’s procedures. However, these flat perspectives were less than ideal. The surgeon could be confronted with an unexpected situation upon entering the surgical field, and the results of procedures weren’t always as predictable as patients and providers might like.

Now, an increasing number of oral surgeons are turning to three-dimensional imaging for more realistic views of their patients’ facial structures and bringing this technology into their practices for patient convenience.

3D Images Help Oral Surgeons Identify Oral Health Issues

A three-dimensional image is more lifelike, allowing oral surgeons to realistically visualize the structures of the jaw and face and plan surgical procedures accordingly. Patients can benefit from 3D imaging because it can help to produce a more straightforward procedure. For example, a surgeon who leverages 3D imaging in a dental implant placement should be able to closely pinpoint the specific location for implant insertion, which allows for the procedure to be completed efficiently. Ideally, this means that the patient can recover more quickly too.

Patient Education Improved By 3D Images

3D images also can help in patient education. It’s much easier for a patient to envision what the surgeon is discussing when the patient can refer to a realistic image of his or her jaw. Increased understanding by the patient can make important contributions to the procedure’s ultimate success.

From the patient’s perspective, the technology is similar to the process of getting a panoramic X-ray. A series of two-dimensional images of the patient’s face are taken and all of those images are then combined by a specialized computer program and transformed into a 3D image. The surgeon can then use that 3D image to plan and even rehearse the procedure.

If you are facing an oral surgery procedure, ask our team whether 3D imaging will be used in your treatment plan. A member of our team of expert professionals can answer any questions you may have about this aspect of your treatment.

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