Wisdom Teeth Pain: It’s Not Your Average Toothache


wisdom teeth removal Cedar HillAre your wisdom teeth causing you discomfort? When wisdom teeth emerge, they tend to cause pain in the form of orofacial discomfort and headaches. Many times, teeth becoming crowded cause pain associated with wisdom teeth. Since there is hardly ever enough room for wisdom teeth to emerge, their arrival will cause existing teeth to move. Sometimes this results in teeth becoming overlapped and rotated.

Another factor that can cause severe discomfort is wisdom teeth becoming impacted and subsequently infected. If a tooth is impacted, it means that it did not erupt properly and instead because stuck in the gums and/or jawbone. Impacted teeth are prone to infections – especially abscesses – which can cause severe discomfort. Since keeping these teeth are a threat to one’s quality of life and oral health, dental professionals normally recommend wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom Teeth and Your Health

Wisdom teeth (third molars) are no longer necessary for oral function. In the past, when people did not have the tools to clean their teeth properly or access to dental care, most molars were lost to disease by early adulthood. When third molars emerged, they could increase oral function. Today, however, we can keep our molars for a lifetime with proper care. Since our molars can stay healthy well into our advanced years, there is no need for wisdom teeth. In fact, keeping wisdom teeth increases a person’s chances for developing occlusal issues, TMJ dysfunction, orthodontic problems, periodontal disease, and tooth decay. Having wisdom teeth extracted can improve symptoms like orofacial pain as well as decrease the risk for developing decay or gum disease where wisdom teeth erupt.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a wise decision for your oral health and overall wellbeing. Removing wisdom teeth is a little more complex than removing other teeth because of their location and the fact that third molars are near nerves and blood vessels. Our oral surgeon is an expert at tooth extractions – especially wisdom teeth. Our practice utilizes anesthetic medicine and the latest technology to facilitate comfortable and positive experiences for patients undergoing wisdom teeth removal.

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