Can all of my wisdom teeth be extracted at the same time?

wisdom teeth removal DallasUndergoing wisdom teeth removal is a wise choice for preserving your oral health and general wellbeing. When wisdom teeth come in through the gums, they tend to pose many threats to oral health. If your dentist has recommended that you visit an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction, you might have some questions about the procedure and what to expect.

Every patient’s situation is different. Some folks only have one or two wisdom teeth while others may have four. The timing of wisdom tooth eruption can differ with each tooth so sometimes all of these teeth are not extracted at once. When it is time to have your wisdom teeth extracted, our team will develop a specific treatment plan that is just right for you.

Health Problems Associated with Wisdom Teeth

Patients who keep their third molars (wisdom teeth) are more likely to suffer with dental caries, gum disease, orthodontic issues, and painful infections like abscesses. Third molars often become impacted; this means that when they come through the gums, they have a limited amount of room to erupt and thus can crowd existing teeth or only partially emerge. Partially emerged third molars are very susceptible to infection and decay because they are difficult to keep clean. This is because they are in a prime spot for debris to collect and bacteria to colonize.

Additionally, keeping wisdom teeth can prove to be very uncomfortable. Many patients experience painful headaches and facial soreness. Fortunately, wisdom teeth removal procedures eliminate many health threats so that patients can enjoy comfortable oral function.

Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal Services

Our team takes great care to ensure that our patients have a relaxing and comfortable experience during all procedures. Since we tailor each treatment plan to the precise needs of the patient, our guests enjoy high-quality, customized oral care services. We also employ the latest technology and techniques for the benefit of our patients. Those undergoing surgery will receive pain-relieving and sedative medication.

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