How do I know if I am a suitable candidate for dental implants?

dental implants DallasIf you  have suffered from tooth loss, you can attest to the difficulties of daily life without all of your teeth. Losing teeth is traumatic, and unfortunately, conventional prosthetics have limitations when it comes to restoring oral function. Dental implants are considered the closest available option to natural teeth. They restore oral function, support adjacent teeth and bone health, and can improve one’s appearance when lifelike restorations are chosen. If you are reviewing your tooth replacement options, we recommend looking into dental implants. The only way to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure is to schedule an appointment with an oral health professional for a consultation. Our oral surgeon is a specialist with advanced training and education to place dental implants. At your consultation, our team will perform a physical examination, take diagnostic images, inquire about your oral health history, and answer your questions.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants work by replacing the lost root structure of a tooth. They are embedded into the jawbone. A dental implant is made from titanium because this metal is compatible with hard tissue. The biocompatibility of titanium means that it can replace the roots of teeth without being rejected by the body. In fact, bone will fuse around the implant to hold it in place, permanently. Once the implant is stabilized, a permanent restoration is secured to the implant through an abutment so that the biting surfaces of teeth are replaced as well.

Will dental implants look natural?

If a patient chooses porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal for an implant’s restoration, his or her smile will look very lifelike and beautiful.

Can I eat my favorite foods?

Once a dental implant is secured by bone mass and its restoration is attached, patients can enjoy their favorite foods without difficulty, including foods that are difficult to chew such as steak.

What if I have bone loss?

Bone loss commonly affects patients who have missing teeth; however, some patients can increase their candidacy for implants with grafting procedures. Bone can be grafted to restore the shape of the jaw.

For questions about dental implants, call us to reserve a consultation with one of our skilled oral surgeons.