Why Oral Health Symptoms Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Man Getting Oral SurgeryYour oral health, in a way, is a window to your broader wellbeing. Our oral health can signify issues that we might otherwise overlook as well as give us opportunities to rectify dental or gum issues before they advance beyond a treatable phase. Our oral surgeons perform a variety of treatments and services meant to restore oral health, correct abnormalities, and diagnose oral health issues. Sometimes, our surgeons see patients who have not had dental healthcare for years and as a result, patients develop severe problems that require surgery such as tooth extractions, corrective jaw alignment, and tissue grafting treatments.

The Helpfulness of Early Detection

Early detection is an integral part of any dental professionals’ practice. Detecting conditions like gum disease or tooth decay early normally lends to very conservative treatment and minor changes to one’s daily life to maintain. For example, a small cavity can be treated with a minimally invasive filling when detected quickly enough. If that same cavity were to go untreated, a person’s tooth might be so diseased and damaged that endodontic therapy or large, custom restorations are necessary to increase oral function and stop the spread of disease.

Treating Chronic Oral Health Conditions

Treating oral health conditions that have advanced to chronic stages is very time consuming and costly for many people. Chronic oral health conditions like advanced periodontal (gum) disease or multiple failing teeth can require more than one surgical procedure for effective results.

Normally when a person’s oral health has been neglected for years, one might require treatment from a multidisciplinary approach. Our oral surgeons have worked with dentists, orthodontists, and periodontists to develop custom treatment plans for our patients so that oral health and quality of life if increased.

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