All-on-4: Minimize Your Wait Time for a Fully Restored Smile

All-on-4 Cedar HillTotal tooth loss is devastating to our oral health and emotional wellbeing. Without our teeth, life is incredibly difficult. We lose our confidence to smile and speak to others, and once-simple tasks like eating a meal become cumbersome. When it comes to choosing our replacement teeth, waiting can seem like an eternity. With All-on-4, patients can enjoy dentures enhanced by dental implants in one convenient procedure. All-on-4 increases denture stability by anchoring arches of custom made prosthetics to dental implants.

Dental Implants and Tooth Loss

Tooth loss doesn’t just affect the visible structures of our teeth. Dental implants replace the roots of teeth. An implant is a screw-shaped prosthetic made from titanium. Once embedded into the jaw, bone will fuse around them to hold them in place. A dental implant can replace a single tooth or a series of dental implants can be used to anchor a full arch (denture). Since tooth loss leaves our jaw unstimulated, bone atrophy is common. Replacing the roots of teeth with dental implants helps preserve the shape and density of our jawbones.

How All-on-4 Works

All-on-4 works by embedding a series of dental implants in strategic places to support and stabilize dentures. Dentures supported by dental implants will stay in place during oral function so that patients do not encounter difficulty speaking or chewing food. Since dental implants keep bone active and reduce the risk of bone atrophy, dentures will fit properly much longer. This means that patients will not require denture repair or replacement as frequently as those who wear unsupported dentures.

When All-on-4 is chosen as the ideal tooth replacement method for one’s needs, an oral surgeon will begin the treatment planning process. This process includes taking impressions and photos of one’s mouth to determine the specific dimensions of dentures as well as where dental implants should be placed. After the treatment planning process is complete, dentures will be made in an off-site laboratory to very precise measurements. When a person’s prosthetic teeth are ready, they will return to our practice for treatment. Dental implants and dentures will be placed in one appointment.

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